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Propane Installation Service in Montreal and Its Surroundings

Residential, commercial, industrial and institutional propane installation services are subject to strict standards and regulations that only qualified professionals can perform safely. Pétrole Gaz Charbonneau has qualified and experienced personnel, certified by the CMMTQ and Emploi-Québec! Ready to accompany you at every step of : 

 Installation, connection and gas line for propane stove.

  Installation of a BBQ outlet to connect a BBQ directly to the house tank (420 lbs).

  Installation, connection and gas line for propane fireplace and stove.

  Installation, connection and gas line for propane central furnace.

Installation, connection and gas line for propane generator.

  Installation, connection and gas line for propane domestic water heater.

  Installation, connection and gas line for a propane pool heater.

  Installation, connection and gas line for a propane fireplace or outdoor heater.

  Or any other propane appliance.

Choose Propane and Enjoy All the Advantages!

It is no longer a secret that propane cooking has many advantages in terms of precision or finesse, control, economy, ecology and non-dependence on power in case of a power failure etc. Easy to manage and very efficient, propane cooking has become the preferred method of great chefs around the world!

Being versatile, propane gas appliances can also be used for many residential needs, water and home heating, emergency generators, clothes dryers, fireplaces or pool heaters, automotive fuel and more.

Ecology and Price Reliability

Propane gas appliances are very reliable and less polluting compared to other electric and other appliances. With a stable price, propane is a source of energy with an exceptional autonomy and with the possibility of conservation for a very long period without transforming or losing its properties. Pétrole Gaz Charbonneau has tanks of different dimensions according to the demands and needs of residential or professional  customers.

Safe Source of Energy

Propane is listed as one of the safest and easiest fuels to use but still requires careful handling like all fuels from a safety standpoint. Unlike other fuels (gasoline, diesel, etc.), it is non-toxic, non-harmful, insoluble in water and does not contain lead. The odorant additive added to propane simply helps to detect its presence.

Less Effort and Cleaner

Propane is a very clean source of energy and requires less maintenance than gasoline or diesel, it generates virtually no soot (particulates) and less carbon monoxide (CO2), hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxide (NOx). Don't hesitate to contact Pétrole Gaz Charbonneau for a quick, safe and well done job thanks to our CMMTQ and Emploi-Québec certified personnel.

Do You Want to Choose a Reliable Energy Source?

We have a team of certified professionals for the installation of all your propane gas appliances!

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