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-  Some Practical Tips on Using Propane Appliances  -


In order to count on your outdoor kitchen equipment, some precautions and maintenance instructions are to follow.

Using the device

Keep a distance of 60 cm (or 24 inches) between your BBQ unit and any building structure, such as the balcony or patio, to reduce the risk of fire in case of abnormally intense flames.

When finished, turn off the propane feed first. By first cutting the propane supply, you allow the fittings to empty any propane residues, thus avoiding swelling and the risk of leakage due to the swelling of the fittings. The flame will extinguish itself once the propane is turned off.

In Spring

Start the season off right with a good cleaning of your BBQ. The accumulation of fat can ignite, creating unnecessary danger, in addition to ruining the meal you’re cooking. Make sure there is no leak in your propane cylinder. Coat the cylinder valve and the connections with soapy water to easily detect a leak.

Transporting the Canister

The propane cylinder must be upright and stable during transport. Whenever possible, transport it in a place separate from the passengers (in the trunk of the vehicle or the box of a truck). If the cylinder has to be put in the vehicle with passengers, ensure good ventilation when traveling with a window down.

Equipment Storage

At the end of the season, you can put the BBQ and canister in a shelter, outside in an open and airy place such as a shelter or a tent whose side canvases have been removed or under a roof or a balcony. Shed storage is unsafe because there is a risk of leakage and explosion if exposed to a spark, flame or overheating.

In general, caution and discretion are required at all times, so you can enjoy your BBQ and create your extraordinary culinary masterpieces with peace of mind!

The Use of Propane: Safety Tips

If you know and follow the safety instructions on its use, propane is a convenient and safe source of energy. The best-known instructions are of course to keep propane cylinders outside, to place them on a solid base, to follow the manufacturer's instructions and never to act in the place of a propane expert. Once a problem or anomaly is detected, it is wise to call a qualified propane gas person. They will tell you the steps to follow to restore the security of the premises.

To learn more about the safety instructions for use of propane appliances, we invite you to consult the information section on the use of propane by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec, or that of the Association québécoise du propane.

A Smell of Skunk or Rotten Eggs

When the propane tank is almost empty or leaking, you may notice an unpleasant odour. This odour comes from an additive called Methylemercaptan (CH3SH). Since propane gas is odourless, this chemical is added in order to help smell a leak or know when you have reached the tank minimum. Be on the alert for this odour!

Propane and the Environment

The efficient and fast combustion of propane reduces carbon residues. Affordable and clean fuel compared to other combustion products, the emissions produced meet Environment Canada's air quality standards. They are also less harmful than those from other sources of energy.

Propane Heating, a Clean Choice

Did you know that when it burns, propane releases water and up to 20% less carbon dioxide from the fuel? In addition, some other fuels release, in addition to CO2, nitrogen and fine particles. Propane is cleaner energy than other fuels, making it a good environmental choice.

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